Complaints Policy – Finchley & Acton Yochien

We believe that our school provides a good education and environment for all our children, and that the Headteacher and other staff work very hard to build positive relationships with all parents and carers. However, we do have procedures if there are complaints. The following policy, which is on the school website together with details of the number of complaints registered under the formal procedure during the preceding school year, sets out the procedure we follow in such cases. 

  1. If any parent is unhappy with the education that their child is receiving, or has any concern relating to the school, we encourage that person to talk to the child’s class teacher immediately. This initial complaint is usually on an informal basis. 
  2. A formal complaint should be made in writing if parents are not satisfied with the response to an informal complaint. They should make an appointment with the Headteacher. The Headteacher considers any such complaint very seriously and investigates each case thoroughly. Most complaints are normally resolved at this stage. They may also send a written complaint to the Proprietor, Mr Katsutoshi Maeda, at Finchley Yochien who will reply within three school weeks of receipt. His contact address is below.

    Address: 10 Kingswood Park, Finchley, London N3 1UG Phone: 020 8343 2191 (term time) 020 8343 4645 (Holiday)

  3. Should a parent have a complaint about the Headteacher, s/he should first make an informal approach to one of the members of the Complaints Panel, who will investigate it. The Panel member will do all s/he can to resolve the issue through a dialogue with the school, but if a parent is unhappy with the outcome, s/he can make a formal complaint, as outlined below.

    Only if an informal complaint fails to resolve the matter should a formal written complaint be made to the Panel. The three Panel members are currently Kenneth Fenton (retired chartered accountant), Amanda Eglash (headteacher of Golders Hill School) and either Yoko Koike (deputy headteacher at Finchley Yochien) or Junko Tanabe (deputy headteacher at Acton Yochien). If the complaint is about Finchley Yochien, then Junko will be on the panel. If the complaint is about Acton Yochien, then Yoko will be on the panel. This will keep the panel impartial. The complaint must be made in writing, stating the nature of the complaint and how the school has handled it so far. The parent should send this written complaint to Yumi Onodera, Administrator, at Finchley Yochien, who will then forward it to the Panel. (If the letter is in Japanese, it will be translated to English.).

  4. The Panel must consider all written complaints within three school weeks of receipt. It invites the complainant to attend a meeting to discuss the matter in more detail. The Panel gives the complainant at least three working days’ notice of the meeting. The complainant may bring a friend to accompany them. The complaints process will be kept confidential.
  5. After hearing all the evidence, the Panel consider their decision and inform the parent in writing. The Panel do all they can at this stage to resolve the complaint to the parent’s satisfaction. A copy of the findings and recommendations are sent by electronic mail or otherwise given to the complainant and, where relevant, the person complained about and available for inspection on the school premises by the proprietor and the Headteacher. The correspondence, statements and records of complaints are kept confidential.
  6. If the complaint is still not resolved, a parent may contact OFSTED, telephone 020 7421 6800

Monitoring and review

  • The Panel monitor the complaints procedure, in order to ensure that all complaints are handled properly. The Headteacher logs all complaints received by the school and records how they were resolved. Panel members examine this log on an annual basis.
  • Panel members take into account any local or national decisions that affect the complaints process, and make any modifications necessary to this policy. This policy is made available to all parents, so that they can be properly informed about the complaints process.

* 全てのポリシーはフィンチリー事務所にてご覧いただくことができます。詳しくは、フィンチリー幼稚園 事務局 020 8343 2191までご連絡ください。

* Parents and carers can view all the Policies including First Aid Policy and Health and Safety Policy anytime in our office. Please contact us at 020 8343 2191 for further details.